10 Must-See Sessions at #MMCcon 2016

Marketing Technology Doorway

Marketing Technology Doorway

Check out these 10 must-see marketing and technology sessions at the 2016 ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference (#MMCcon). Whether it’s the topic or the speakers (or both!), these sessions provide a vast array of marketing, technology and strategy ideas to help today’s association marketer thrive.

1. Straight Talk from CEOs: The Role of Marketing

I love the fact that this panel has CEOs talking about the role and impact of marketing at associations. When was the last time you saw a session like this? Elizabeth Engel (Spark Consulting) ALWAYS brings fresh ideas, disruption and inspiration and she’s assembled a great panel of CEOs from A.S.P.E.N., American Association of Anatomists and Maryland Psychological Association. This is a must-see session!

2. Would You Buy Your Membership on Amazon?

Why didn’t I think of this session? Isn’t that what you say to yourself when you see something really compelling?! Hold on to your socks because this session looks awesome. Two influential thought leaders (Lowell Aplebaum, Association Consultant, and Sheri Jacobs, Avenue M) will re-invent the idea of membership through the implementation of creative and disruptive forces. Sounds mysterious but super interesting. This is a must-see session!

3. CMO-CIO Alignment and Closing the Digital Divide

We’ve got the trifecta of smarty pants in this session and they’re addressing a massive issue for all associations…transforming your business model and technology to meet the customer at his/her “moment of need.” So don’t miss Reggie Henry and Robb Lee from ASAE and Mark Dorsey from CSI. This is a must-see session!

4. Grow Your Organization through Hyper-Focused Target Markets

This ain’t spray and pray marketing, it’s the opposite. Predictive marketing is new and exciting and I love it when an association (in this case the Construction Financial Management Association) is willing to totally disrupt themselves and throw out the old playbook. Suzanne Carawan is a thought-provoking speaker so this is a must-see session!

5. Your Unlimited Data Plan: Transforming Membership Engagement and Marketing Effectiveness

I love that this session promises actionable marketing and data analysis techniques. Thank you! It’s not pie in the sky theory. It’s in the trenches, roll-up-your-sleeves event and membership marketing advice. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Wes Trochlil (Effective Database Management) and Steve Doran (NBOA). This is a must-see session!

6. Effective Strategies to Improve Engagement, Satisfaction and Retention

What caught my eye about this session is the concept of shifting your marketing department structure from MarCom to MarTech. Whoa…where’d that come from? Combine that with community engagement benchmarking data and you have a winning combination. Heather McNair (Higher Logic) and Erik Schonher (Marketing General) should deliver a winner. This is a must-see session!

7. Building Trust for Martech Success

This is the second marketing and IT alignment session and I love the focus on social media, inbound marketing, and data analysis. I’m pumped to see another session addressing the explosion (and importance) of marketing technology (martech). Panelists from DelCor, DSK, Achurch Consulting, the American Chemical Society, and AAAS should deliver a variety of viewpoints on the subject. This is a must-see session!

8. 5 Steps to Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

I gotta admit that when I saw this session I was excited about the topic but annoyed with myself for not proposing it. Bah! It’s fantastic to see a supplier promoting inbound marketing…and…if you’ve read the MemberClicks blog (led by Callie Walker and Mark Sedgley) you’d see why they’re positioned to deliver a great session on inbound marketing. All association marketers can learn from this must-see session!

9. Insider Tips for the New Marcomm Tech Eco-System

Yup, you guessed it. A third session on marketing technology (anyone see a trend here at MM&C??). This session stands out because it addresses the sea change taking place in the association space where technology ownership is shifting from “tech heads” to “messaging mavens.” What a great concept! Combine that with a focus on the martech ecosystem and you have awesomesauce. The panel of Katherine Matthews (Entomological Society of America), Vivian Swertinksi (Informz), Ray van Hilst (Vanguard Technology, and David DeLorenzo (DelCor) should deliver a whopper! This is a must-see session!

10. Power Content – You Have it! Now Use It!

Here’s a practical session promising ideas, tips and tools for turning your existing content into what the speakers call “power content.” Coolio! I love practical, take-it-home-tomorrow-and-implement advice and Scott Oser (Scott Oser Associates) and KiKi L’Italien (Amplified Growth) will deliver just that. This is a must-see session!

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