Are You A Marketing Disruptor?

Marketing Disruptor WordCloud

Marketing Disruptor WordCloud
Are you truly pushing the envelope with your association marketing? Are you trying new methods and tactics every day? If not, why not? Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, using the same old marketing playbook and toolset. I bet you’re a little bored with your job too. So was I until I started learning every single day. Until I became a marketing disruptor.

We must be marketing disruptors in today’s world. The pace of technological innovation is breathtaking. Our members and prospects are changing how they consume our products and we have to change with them – or we risk becoming irrelevant along with our associations.

So what is a marketing disruptor? A marketing disruptor is constantly learning. Constantly looking to improve. Constantly moving the needle, testing and improving. Marketing disruptors try new things. They fail. They succeed. They disrupt themselves and their marketing.

Take a look at some of the resources I consume to disrupt my own marketing.


Podcasts have blown up in the past 12 months and I learn more through this medium every day. Whether in your car or on the DC Metro like me, you can learn a ton in 30-60 minutes every day. A great resource for finding the best marketing podcasts is Marketing Podcasts by Jay Baer.

You can also simply subscribe to the below podcasts through iTunes or Google Play.

    1. Content Inc with Joe Pulizzi
    2. ProBlogger Podcast
    3. Hubcast Podcast
    4. Technology Translated
    5. Online Marketing Made Easy
    6. Hack the Entrepreneur
    7. Inbound Agency Journey
    8. Six Pixels of Separation
    9. StartUp Podcast
    10. The Lede
    11. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour
    12. Convince & Convert Podcast (added on April 4, 2016)
    13. Copyblogger FM (added on April 4, 2016)


There are many, many marketing blogs to read so having a helpful list is a great place to start. I find subscribing via email is the most effective way to get my daily dose of marketing awesomeness. I spend roughly 30-60 each day reading the blogs listed below.

    1. Hubspot Marketing Blog – inbound marketing – this blog concentrates on all things inbound marketing and is one of the most robust blogs you’ll find. This is a must.
    2. Copyblogger – content marketing – the folks at Copyblogger are totally pushing the envelope. I get so many new marketing ideas from them. This is a must.
    3. SmartBug Media – inbound marketing
    4. Impact Branding & Design – inbound marketing
    5. ProBlogger – blogging best practices
    6. The Moz Blog – SEO and inbound marketing
    7. Content Marketing Institute – content marketing
    8. Convince and Convert – content marketing
    9. Social Media Examiner – social media
    10. Jon Loomer – Facebook marketing
    11. Chief Marketing Technologist – technology trends and information
    12. Gartner – Digital Marketing Blog – marketing trends and information
    13. Wistia – video marketing
    14. Inbound MarTech – marketing and technology for associations…shameless plug, lol!


My wife laughs at me when another box arrives from Amazon with yet another marketing book to read. 🙂 I admit some of the below books are partly read or simply collecting some dust but I am working on finishing all of them.

  1. Inbound Marketing (Hubspot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah)
  2. Buyer Personas (Adele Revella)
  3. The Membership Economy (Robbie Kellman Baxter)
  4. The Art of Membership (Sheri Jacobs, CAE)
  5. Everybody Writes (Ann Handley)
  6. Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)
  7. The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Paul Roetzer)
  8. Difference (Bernadette Jiwa)
  9. Utility (Jay Baer)
  10. Mindset (Carol Dweck)
  11. Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
  12. Converge (Bob Lord and Ray Valez)

So what do you think? Are you a marketing disruptor? Do you have some other marketing resources to recommend? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Ryan Malone ,

    Hey Dave – Great article and a solid list of resources to keep people busy and informed. Thanks also for the mention — great company to be with.

  • Dave Martin ,

    Thanks, Ryan! The truth is…SmartBug Media walks the walk and talks the talk! I’ve learned a ton over the past two years from reading your content!!

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