6 Observations from ASAE #MMCCon

Inbound Discussion Den MMCCon

1. Inbound marketing is gaining speed

In discussions and sessions it was clear that inbound marketing is gaining speed in the association world. I was floored by the session “Content Marketing Strategies for Success” led by Peggy Winton, Chief Marketing Technologist, AIIM and Christie Gunden, Director of Marketing, Brightfind. Peggy is a fantastic speaker and the inbound marketing work she and her team are doing at AIIM is off-the-charts. We all have a lot to learn from Peggy! Don’t miss her the next time she speaks.

I also led two Discussion Dens titled “Why Inbound Marketing Makes Sense” where we discussed the inbound marketing methodology and real-world examples. Both Dens had at least 15 people and the discussions were lively (this was not a one-way monologue)! I loved the Discussion Den format and I encourage the ASAE staff to expand upon it at upcoming conferences.

I also met many people who were talking about inbound marketing and using Hubspot. That’s a huge difference from one year ago and even six months ago…

2. Creativity rules

MMCCon 2015 Sekou AndrewsMMCCon had a sub thread about creativity and @SekouAndrews led the charge. What a phenomenal speaker. He tailored his content to us. He spoke to us. He embraced us. He loved us. He chided us. Can you ask for a better, more creative speaker? Nope.

3. Ann Handley was ho-hum

I was really excited to see Ann Handley speak. Kudos to the ASAE staff for bringing in one of the top minds in the marketing world. But as much as I admire Ann Handley (I pre-ordered her latest book Everybody Writes) I felt that her keynote was sorta ho-hum. Was #MMCCon just another stop on her book tour? The content was good but there really wasn’t anything new. Sigh.

4. MMCCon is growing

With nearly 1,100 attendees this show is growing big time. I recall my first MMCCon in Baltimore in 2009 – certainly there were less than 500 of us. It felt more clubby and niche-like. Now it is demanding, smart and professional.

5. MMCCon is getting smarter and younger

No surprise then that the demographic has shifted and that’s a good thing. I saw and spoke with lots of bright, young people with high expectations and tough questions. This is such a good sign for association marketing!

6. Where was the MarTech?

So there were more attendees and brighter ones…yet the show floor seemed smaller and the tech company presence was smaller – was there a single 10×20 at the show? In an age where marketing and technology are colliding, are the tech companies missing the boat? Shouldn’t we have some kind of martech pavilion? Maybe a hands-on, roll up your sleeves learning zone? Should we consider combining the ASAE Tech show and MMCCon?

So what do you think? Does any of the above resonate? Did I miss something?

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  • Angela Miller ,

    I am on the marketing side, but actually attended the ASAE Technology Conference with an IT collegue for the exact reason you mentioned… tech and marketing are colliding. They vendor presence was very strong at that show with solutions around community, social, etc. that impact us as marketers.

    Thanks for the great write-up. I only can attend 1-2 conferences per year, so this one might make the list in 2016.

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